5 things you want to bring with for your first IVF

You are packing up and you are excited!
Tomorrow you will be flying to Johannesburg to begin your first IVF treatment.

But hang on… the anxiety is just as rife as the excitement… What do you pack, what are you going to need, what should you be careful not to neglect?

Don’t worry if you forget the toothbrush, they sell them here, but do remember to bring the following:


positive attitude Have you heard that IVF couples are cheerful happy go luckies?
...I wish!

IVF is often the last resort in the journey to motherhood, and when the couple get to it, their relationship has already been through a lot.
The in-laws always seem to have something to say, you naturally put pressure on yourself, friends are busy expanding their families… fertile ground for doubt, discouragement and some good old finger pointing. We have seen it all.

Well, if reading the above you think I am talking about you and your partner, the news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Technology keeps advancing, the world keeps on shrinking and the prices keep on decreasing. Finding a solution is the way out of any problem and you have already engaged with the process the day you first contacted SAMT to ask about IVF.

You are doing what is in your power to conceive - well done already!

Have an open mind towards the new possibilities that are unfolding in front of you, embracing the best possible attitude is functional to a successful result.

If you can, surround yourself with positive people. Be proactive, turn away from negative behaviours. Stick to a positive vocabulary, think about what makes you happy and catch your mind before it engages in negative thoughts.


accomlishmentIVF is a journey. Have you read that before?
If so many people write so, there might be a reason for it!
For as much as we like to assist, IVF is finally the couple’s responsibility and accomplishment.

Keep your goal in mind, at all times. Distractions and the unforeseen might come your way, be prepared to recognize them as such and dismiss them as they deserve.
Once you achieve your goal, your little bundle of joy is the only thing you will remember when looking back.

Is IVF easy? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Is the result achievable? Most of the times, given the right perseverance and attitude!


healthy foodThe duration of an IVF cycle lasts one month. One month only. Give it your all in this month, your future child does deserve it!

Make an effort to be the healthiest you in this period.
You don’t necessarily need to sweat.
A light walk and an apple every day is a very good start.

By sticking to your resolve, you will feel better in your body and in your mind, seeing your progress will give you a lot of confidence and you will benefit greatly from the process.
Do you want to take a yoga class while you are here? We might know just the right instructor for you!


The IVF month can either go very fast, or very slow. It’s totally up to you.
Are you easily bored?
Well, if you are looking for entertainment during this period just make sure that you make it happen.

You will have plenty of time to kill in between consultations, egg retrieval and embryo transfer.
Bring your laptop if you want to work remotely, or a good book if you have decided for a relaxation month.
Have you thought about starting that blog and never got to it? That time is now!


No, IVF is not for everyone.
Let me tell you that if you are realistically considering IVF, then you fall in the category of the privileged ones.

IVF carries a high price tag, and there’s no way to make the pill less bitter.
We had couples that saved up for years, couples that came sponsored by the mother in-law, others that took a loan with the bank. And others loaned expensive money, such was their resolve!

Budget for a little extra, there is no one size fit all IVF yet and every cycle carries a slightly different cost.
Once you start with the procedure the doctor will assess you regularly, and might need to prescribe additional medications that were not initially budgeted for.

To make sure, just be on the cautious side and arrange for a little extra to cover the rainy days.

If you are wondering: why this blog?

drop in the oceanIn our 6 years in business, we never felt the need to write down our thoughts on medical travel facilitation. We kept our stories and our experiences for ourselves, we never saw the need nor the point of sharing them. We are not important people, why add to the sea of blogs talking about IVF?

Well, it took us 6 years to finally cross paths with a journalist from a prominent american newspaper, our patient in a IVF cycle, who made us understand that every drop has got its peculiar function, reason and position in the ocean.

You know what we are talking about you Catherine K., a hug to you and to your lovely newborn daughter. With your humble attitude you came to us looking for inspiration and left leaving us in awe. When you write about what you see around you, I can read the story of your compassionate eyes.

We are not important people, but we want to do something important: to be that drop in the ocean.