When facing cancer, where and how you are treated makes all the difference.

Our nationally recognized team-based care model puts YOU at the center of the treatment plan.
We will take the lead by communicating and coordinating with other providers involved with your care, to help insure the best possible outcome.

If you are battling breast, lung, colorectal, lymphoma or any other form of cancer, we have the right experience to help.

Every treatment plan is customized to the patient and his particular disease.


South Africa is a well established premium destination for cancer treatment.

Being the only country in the African continent hosting a fully developed oncology medical sector, South Africa has grown in the years to accommodate the vast inbound traffic.

We work with selected clinics that are staffed with expert physicians and a medical care team that is passionate about providing the highest level of care and leading-edge treatments.

While the standard of South African oncology care is very high, you will find a substantial price difference with other less popular destinations as the US or Israel, mainly due to the undervalued local currency.

Ask us for a free quote and compare.

Why us

At SAMT we provide individualized patient-centered care in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.
The administrative hurdles of receiving medical care in a foreign country can be complicated and frustrating, and can consume a lot of the patient's time and energies.

We can help to secure the services of the best available surgeons and oncologists in the country, in the quickest possible time.

While it is very important that the patient receives the best service and attention, we understand the value for the patient of taking care of the loved ones as well.

Cancer can be overwhelming and we will help you coordinating all appointments and your total care.

We treat every patient with compassion, respect, dignity and individuality.