Breast Augmentation

breast augmentation

If you are unhappy with naturally small or asymmetrical breasts, or breasts that have lost volume after pregnancy or weight loss, breast augmentation may be your best option.

During breast augmentation, implants are placed to increase the size and fullness of your breasts.

You may be a suitable candidate for breast augmentation if:

  You are in good physical health
  Your breasts have stopped developing
  You don't have any chronic medical conditions that could affect your surgical recovery.
  You have realistic expectations of surgery and understand the potential risks

Time and costs

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure that takes only a few hours in theater. We can arrange for you to arrive in South Africa during the week end, attend consultation with the surgeon on Monday and have surgery performed on a Wednesday.

After surgery it is normal to experience some discomfort and soreness in the first few days, during which you will be accommodated in a recovery facility and followed 24/7 by our nurses.

Week 2 of your stay you will be available to travel and enjoy some of the country best scenery while you recover. We recommend to recover for at least two weeks before you can be dismissed back to your normal routine by the surgeon.

The cost of the procedure may vary significantly, according to your choice of procedure and materials used, but you can have some very good quality implants done for as little as USD 3,000.

Important to know!

It’s important to note that breast augmentation will not correct breasts that sag or droop. The placement of implants does not elevate the position of saggy breasts. If you are unhappy with saggy breasts, you may want to consider combining breast lift (mastopexy) with the placement of implants.

While the results of breast augmentation are long-lasting, breast implants are not lifetime devices. They are vulnerable to the effects of gravity and aging, just as natural breasts are. At some point you will need to have implants replaced or removed. Our plastic surgeons will discuss this in greater detail and answer any questions you have.


Preparing for Breast Augmentation

The first step toward breast augmentation is the surgical consultation. Our plastic surgeons will sit down with you to discuss your goals for surgery, your medical history and your lifestyle. They will also explain all aspects of the procedure, including risks, cost and recovery, so that you can make informed decisions about your care.

Together, you and our surgeons will decide on the follwing:

• Type of implant: Saline implants are composed of a saltwater solution that the body naturally absorbs in the event of a leak. Usually the saline implant shell is inserted into the body and then filled. Silicone implants are composed of a gel material that feels like and moves similarly to natural breast tissue. Since they are pre-filled, silicone implants require a larger incision than their saline counterparts. Our surgeons will help you decide what type of implant to use based on the look and feel that you want to achieve, your body type and several other factors

• Incision placement: Incisions are placed in inconspicuous areas to minimize visible scarring. Options include on the areola, in the breast crease and through the armpit

• Implant placement: Implants may be placed either above or beneath the chest muscle. The placement decision is based on the type of implant being used and your body type

• Anesthesia options: Prior to surgery you will be asked to undergo several lab tests (potentially a mammogram), stop smoking and avoid certain medications — aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, some herbal supplements — in the weeks leading up to your surgery

The Day of Surgery

Breast augmentation surgeries are performed at outpatient facilities. An anesthesiologist will administer medications to help you remain comfortable during the surgery.

Our plastic surgeon will begin by making an incision in the pre-determined location. Through the incision, he will create a small pocket in which to place the implant. He will carefully position the implant in the pocket, and close the incision with sutures.

You will stay in a recovery suite for a couple of hours after surgery, after which you will be ready to be dismissed from the medical facility and moved to the recovery accommodation.
Our experienced nurses will assist you for the first 48 hours after surgery.

Recovering from surgery

Your breasts will be sore and swollen for several weeks following your surgery, but this will ease over time. Our plastic surgeon will provide specific instructions for taking care of your incisions and breasts as they heal.

We will schedule several follow-up appointments to check the progress of your healing, and clear you to return to exercise and your normal routine within a few weeks of your surgery.

While you wait you will have the opportunity of enjoying some vacation time under South Africa generous sun! During the second week of your stay you will be able to travel and enjoy some relaxing time in South Africa. Being such a geographically wide and culturally diverse country, the choice for entertainment is varied and abundant.

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