Let us take care of all logistics and administrative formalities for you, from securing the service of the best health provider to the filling out of the hospital ward dismissal form, so that you are left with the time to properly concentrate on your health.

You can benefit from our relevant experience in interacting with the medical sector. Foreign patient and local clinics both have their peculiar needs and requirements, let us make the interaction as seamless as possible and enjoy a stress-free environment.
At SAMT the customer is key to our success, and to achieve it we strictly abide by our Code of Conduct.


Know exactly which treatment you want? Or are you still understanding your treatment? A free professional quote is your first step in your healthcare journey. Based on your personal case, without any obligation to book. Our team speaks English, French and Portuguese.

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We are a small team of dedicated individuals with a passion for assisting people. Every single customer is important to us, and we make sure we go out of our way to make sure we achieve customer satisfaction.








Do I absolutely need your services?

Not necessarely. Anyone can select a doctor from the yellow pages, arrange his own accommodation, schedule medical appointments, and book internal transport. In our experience that will take time and effort, and you are most likely to end up spending more as we enjoy discounted travel agent rates. Also you won’t have any reference about the doctor of choice, and it might take you a few unsuccessful consultations to come across a clinic you can trust. We offer our international customers the opportunity to enjoy high-quality medical care at reasonable prices, avoiding waiting times and administrative hassles.

What are your charges?

We do not have set rates, as we work with different patients seeking different types of medical assistance all the time, so quotes are done case by case. For certain procedures extra services might be required along the way, but we make provision to quote on that in advance. As soon as you contact us we will give you a quote with an indicative non-binding estimate for the medical procedure, so that you will consider whether to take it further or not. Only once that you had a preliminary discussion with the medical practitioner we will be able to produce an accurate quote. Rest reassured that our quotes are transparent and itemised, so that you will know exactly what you are being charged for.

Are you qualified doctors?

No we are not, and we don’t claim to have any medical knowledge. What we do have is a relevant experience in dealing with the medical sector in South Africa, and a vast knowledge of different providers for a variety of medical treatments. We also have access to reputable doctors with an excellent history of customer satisfaction, and we receive a preferential treatment as medical clinics may prefer to deal with people that they know and have dealt with in the past. Our customer relation staff are nurses as we find the category to be more understanding of the patient’s needs, and more knowledgeable of medical clinics procedures.

Can you advise the right treatment I need?

No we are not qualified for that and we won’t, but we can refer you or your doctor to the right specialist for your specific case, or more of one of them. Our added value is in protecting the patient and making sure that he receives the best possible advice on the treatment he requires, as referrals are an important part of our new patients inquiries. We can offer you the possibility of being in contact with several specialists, rated on the base of experience and customer satisfaction, but the final choice of which procedure and which practitioner to use will be solely and exclusively yours.

What if I have my own doctor in South Africa already?

That is awesome, we are happy that you have found a practitioner that you trust for your medical procedure! Should you require, we can still assist with the medical administration work, the accommodation and any other travel arrangement that you may need. As a travel agent our profit is in the booking of accommodation and travel itineraries, for which we enjoy discounted agent’s rates from the suppliers. At the end of the day you will end up spending the same, with the extra benefit of the experience of a local agent taking care of you during your stay.

Do I pay you for the medical procedure?

The payment for medical procedures will be separate from our services, and will be settled directly with the medical clinic. At times, depending on the treatment, we might require an advance payment to book the medical facility or the medical procedures, and we will be happy to make the payment on your behalf. When you settle the bill at the medical facility the deposit will be deducted.

Why is medical care in South Africa so cheap?

Medical care is actually expensive in South Africa for South Africans who earn local currency. The devaluation of the South African rand (ZAR) is what makes medical care and all other local expenses very convenient for foreign currency holders. The graphs below shows how many ZAR one USD and one EUR would buy you in the period from 2011 until 2016: in the 5 year period the rand depreciated of 137% to the USD and 93% to the EUR; the process does not seem to reverse anytime soon.

Are blood transfusions safe in South Africa?

Blood donor recruitment in South Africa is based on a World Health Organisation endorsed program, which specifies the selection of voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors. The HIV/Aids pandemic in South Africa has focused particular attention on the importance of preventing transfusion-transmitted infection, so the safety standards in this regards are very high. All donated blood is screened for transfusion-transmissible infections, including HIV, hepatitis viruses, syphilis and other infectious agents, and blood grouping, compatibility testing and processing of blood.

Is South Africa safe?

South Africa crime rate is on average quite high, however statistically violent crime is concentrated mostly in low-income areas, where tourists are unlikely to stay. Townships are geographically well defined and easy to avoid. The general perception about safety in South Africa is also not accurate: pro-capita the city of Detroit in the US has got 46% more reported murders than Johannesburg, and Pretoria is considerably safer than Johannesburg. As a country South Africa has got the same murder rate as the US.
Source: Wikipedia

What about my privacy?

Your privacy is extremely important to us, as it is both an operational advantage for our business and a legal requirement under The Protection of Personal Information Act of 2013. Many customers who hired our services in the past opted for South Africa also to be far away from judging eyes. We understand and respect the request, and go the whole way to make sure our customer's privacy is protected. You might have noticed that we do not have a referral page, for the sake of both our future and past customer's privacy alike: should you become one of our customers, we will not refer potential future clients to you and we will safely dispose of your medical records once your medical procedure has been successfully completed.